About James Bordine Computer Services

I’m not really sure I need an about page, but I might as well give you some background on me and “my company.”

If you don’t know by now, my name is James Bordine. I am a (primarily) web developer in the Canton, Ohio area. I’ve lived around here for my entire life and honestly I’m not really into the idea of moving (at least out of Ohio).

Educationally (Google says it is a real word), I graduated from Stark State in 2013 with a degree in Web Design and Development and a handful of certificates (Web Design, Web Master, Advanced Webmaster, Visual Basic, etc). I also worked at the college for a few years during the end of my degree program as a tutor for a handful of the programming courses.

I entered the normal workforce as a computer repair technician (right out of college) where I built a solid understanding of the fundamentals (that I didn’t already know from setting up my network for gaming at home). After a few years I did manage to make it into a full time web development position where I had a lot of freedom to learn and apply new technologies into our projects.

When that position was retired (in 2018) I ended up trying my hand at a few things like stocking shelves at my local Walmart (exhilarating!) and even spent a short time as a Spectrum (the internet service provider) service representative.

Throughout those various odd jobs I continued to work as a contractor offering web services to several companies I had built relationships with over the years. That contractor work is how James Bordine Computer Services was born (because including my name in the name meant I didn’t have to file a DBA).