All-in-One WP Migration

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Today I’d like to address a plugin I use quite often on WordPress sites. That is (as you already know from the title) All-in-One WP Migration.

This is a plugin that, at its core, does three things. Those things are backing up your website, exporting your website, and importing your website.

The basic use of the plugin is free and you can install it like just about any other plugin by going through the plugins page and searching for it or downloading it manually and installing it through the plugins page. Here are some links:

Plugin Information:
Premium Extensions:

While structurally out of order, I believe we should start by talking about the backup functionality. In my experience AIOWPM really shines when it comes to how easy it is to backup the whole website with a single click. It essentially behaves the same as if you were to export the site to a file, but it saves the site backup to the server where it can be downloaded or restored (now limited to a premium extension) if necessary. Within the backup page you also have the ability to label the backup files which is a nice little quality of life feature that makes it easy to note not only when, but why, you’ve backed up the site.

I personally like to keep a backup of when the site was first finished and a backup of the site before each major update/change.

As for the export/import functions they work okay. Exporting to a file is similar to backing up the site, except you save the file locally and have an additional copy of your site offline should anything happen to your server. Importing on the other hand can be tedious for larger sites as maximum upload sizes can be restricted by the server (a problem I believe could be worked around in the past by uploading with FTP and then restoring from the backup section) and every function not involving a previously exported file is locked behind a premium extension.

* In all fairness, I’ve only ever needed to pay for the Unlimited Extension and I’ve only ever needed it twice so the other export/import functionality may be worth something.

In conclusion I believe this extension has value when it comes to keeping a clean and working backup of the site should there be an issue with malware, the server, or compatibility problems after updates. Additionally it can be a good solution when moving small sites between hosts or domains (during the import/restore process the domain is automatically updated).

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